Who I Am

I am a Roman Catholic , 51-year-old educator, counselor, and licensed attorney originally from Bogota, Colombia who has lived in New York for 47 years as of this writing.  I love to write, teach, and counsel in that order, and I have written countless articles on spiritual, religious, conservative, social, and political issues.  If I had to guess, I would put that number at somewhere between 300-400 or possibly more articles but, as you may discern from my tone, I have not kept count.  I love my family but choose to keep that part of my life private here other than to say that they are the joy of my life.  If you want to read any of my political writings, I am presently a columnist for familysecuritymatters.org and renewamerica.us.  As for my religious and spiritual material, this blog is an attempt to consolidate and centralize my best work and, moving forward, to present the bulk if not all of that kind of material in this one place.

It is my sincere belief that we are called upon by God Almighty to use the talents He has given us to praise, honor, and bring Glory to His Name, which is what I am trying to do.

I welcome any comments from interested readers and look forward to interacting with you on the issues and topics I write about.   God Bless,  Gabriel Garnica


One thought on “Who I Am

  1. JoAnne Tomusiak says:

    I have just found your website – and truly enjoying it –

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