I have named my blog Deus solus because Deus solus means “God alone” and that singular idea is, in my opinion, the key to true and transcendent peace, love, acceptance, obedience and, ultimately and most importantly, eternal salvation. In fact, one can say that our eternal salvation is dependent and contingent upon how well we grasp this singular concept. To the degree that we either do not accept or do not realize that God alone is what matters in this life, we will sin. In fact, our sinfulness is in inverse proportion to how well we indeed accept that God alone is what matters. Our purpose in this life should begin and end in God. God created us for a unique mission and reason which we can and must discover through prayer, meditation, and self-reflection. Whether we like it or not, our lives are not our own.

Once we begin believing that our lives are our playthings to be toyed with according to our whims and desires apart from our Divine Creator, we will naturally and surely move toward the sort of arrogance, selfishness, and self-indulgence that is the very foundation and root of sin. Once we see our lives as the path to our own agenda and self-interest, our purpose and mission will be self-centered and self-absorbed. Directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, we will act for ourselves. Any good we do will be accidental, for it will be rooted in self-interest and hence, by definition, it will begin with our own agenda in mind. Should we help others, that assistance will only be an indirect result of our goal in helping ourselves. The soul which seeks Heaven cannot be so rooted, for its only gaze must be upon its Divine Creator. This is why selfishness is the foundation of all sin. It was the root of  lucifer’s  cry ” I will not serve” as well as Adam and Eve’s fixation on their own power over obedience to God. It was the foundation of Cain’s murder of his brother as well as Herod’s murder of the Holy Innocents. In fact, “I” is truly at the center of the word “sin” and “Heaven” has no “I”.

Once we accept that our lives are not  hobbies designed for our temporal, superficial, petty and, necessarily, pointless pleasure and whim, then we may rightly ask what indeed should the purpose, value, meaning, and destiny of our lives truly be. Surely, the life centered in oneself is a myopic, delusional, and truly tragic existence. Regardless of its highs and lows, such a life has a dark trajectory bound in a double tragedy, one temporal and the other eternal. The temporal tragedy is that such a life will be lived without true love, sacrifice, humility, service, obedience, and, ultimately, Christ, for He was the embodiment of these things during His time on earth. This temporal tragedy will naturally lead to the far more tragic one, that being the eternal tragedy of perdition and eternal separation from God which is the price payed for sin.

If a life centered in self cannot possibly lead to God then, one may ask, what kind of life will lead us toward that God?  The answer to this question lies in the Words and Deeds of our Savior Jesus Christ, whose life was truly the embodiment of love, sacrifice, humility, service, and obedience to God’s Will. Thus, when we accept that God alone should be the purpose of our lives then, by rational and logical progression, we will be accepting that Christ, the most perfect example of such a life, should be the Model for such a purpose. The soul that accepts God as its purpose and meaning will thus accept Christ as its path and model. Now we surely know that we cannot fully imitate Christ for we are fully human, sinful, flawed, and weak while He was Divine and free of sin or flaw. However, living in imitation of Christ to the best of our abilities is maximizing our potential to be fully God’s children returning Home upon a mission accomplished, a task well done, and a life which has earned at least a modicum of interest for God’s investment in us.

Once we accept God alone as our purpose and, hence, Christ alone as our model, we will begin to see love, sacrifice, humility, service, and obedience as the true treasures, the true opportunities, and the true currency of our salvation. We will realize that everything we do must be done with an eye toward God. Suddenly, we will more fully realize that even the smallest gestures and thoughts have a deeper meaning than we ever imagined. With such a mentality in place, we will be more fully equipped to fight the temptations and delusions of this society and this world, which increasingly draws us to see our lives as our playgrounds, to be toyed with at our pleasure, whim, desire, and want with a vision necessarily enslaved in the cares and concerns of this world. Seeing God alone as our purpose, then, also helps us to enhance our chances for ultimate salvation.

This blog will deal with many of the above ideas and more. It will explore, among many things, Scripture, sin, society, spirituality, and probe our interactions and challenges within the political and social context of the world and society we live in.  I welcome the readers’ opinions, perspectives, experiences, and insight, for I hope to learn from something from all of  you. Above all, however, this blog is dedicated to our loving, most generous, and most merciful God, Who alone should be the purpose and goal, the beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, of all we think, feel, believe, say, and do.

Copyright 2011  Gabriel Garnica


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