Would You Leave a Gift Unopened?

We often associate gifts with Christmas or a birthday, but the greatest gifts of all are right under our noses everyday.  Each day is a gift of life from The Almighty, which we may open by taking advantage of that gift to serve God and others, honor and praise God, and live as He wants us to live.  Each day we fail to do just that is a wasted gift, an unopened gift which has been thrown away.  A 50-year old has been given over 18,000 such gifts.  One wonders how many of such gifts he/she has used to draw him or herself and others closer to God.  If we use a day merely for our own selfish motives, or take that day for granted, we have lost an opportunity.  I know that I have wasted far more days than I would care to calculate, and I can only hope that, in the final analysis, my percentage of GOD ( God Oriented Days) days is decent.  I cannot, however, tell you what a “decent” percentage would be, but I think I am presently far below that and need to step it up.

Each day is not the only gift we have been given.   Each of us has been given special talents that we must use to serve, glorify, and give praise to God, as well as further His Will.  We can use those talents selfishly or waste them as well.  We will each ultimately be judged on how well we used our days, our talents, and all of our gifts for this sacred purpose.

So the next time you receive an ugly tie or a fruit cake, think about the fact that God’s gifts are the most beautiful, special, and useful of all, as well as the most critical for our eternal happiness.   Embrace and accept your daily gifts from God, and make sure that you are not leaving them unopened.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica    All rights reserved.


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