Let God Be Your North



Just as a compass always points North, so too we should always point to  God in our thoughts, words, actions, and intentions.  It is not always easy, and sometimes we just lose our way and are not sure which way to go to fulfill this mission but, if we maintain our faith in God and God’s Will, we will ultimately find the way again.   In order to do this, we must maintain constant interaction with God through prayer and meditation, reading the writings of mystics and other sound thinkers, and regularly reviewing our process through this life we have been given to see how and when and why we may have strayed from time to time.

Keeping our eyes on the prize is what this is all about. That prize, of course, is our ultimate salvation and that of those we love, as well as that of as many people as we can influence and assist.  There are many forces in the world today pulling us away from that prize, from the goal of salvation and serving God, but we must devotedly and with the highest dedication continually strive to fight against these forces and maintain our efforts, and focus, toward serving God.

If we are to effectively and purposefully serve God, then, we must also strive for clarity as to the Will and teaching of the God we are focusing in the first place. Thus, it is critical to constantly nourish our minds and souls with the true teaching of the Church, and be free of any false or so-called “progressive” Catholicism or Christianity which is only a fraud, counterfeit front for liberal and secular causes and groups.

In brief, avoid the opposite pull of the devil and the ambivalent pull of a world which relishes apathy, confusion, selfishness, and self-obsession.  Let God be your North, and your soul will never go south.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica.  All rights reserved.


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