Turn Your Life Into a Perpetual Prayer



If Prayer is connecting with God, if it is the essence of keeping God in your life constantly, then it is clear why the failure to pray is being oblivious to your own soul’s hunger for prayer and thirst for closeness with its creator.  We have all fallen far short in this regard at some time or another.  How many times will we run to the TV set or radio to catch up on something, or perhaps latch unto the internet as some sort of lifeline, before we will get on our knees and pray?  I know that I am as guilty as anyone of talking a big game, of preaching a desire to be so close to God, yet failing miserably in putting those big words and grandiose plans into consistent, tangible action, starting with prayer.  As I look back over my life, my prayer life has been a pathetic shambles.  Sporadic swipes toward some fanciful aspiration, born of a mix of delusion, pretension,  presumption, and selfishness, represent the sum and total of my sorely deficient prayer life.  Simply put, with as big a mouth as I have, prayer has represented less than 1% of what comes out of my mouth over the course of my life.

If we pray more and speak less, we will sin less and grow more into being like Christ.  Probably half of our sins start in our words because we have allowed our words to become contaminated with the superficial arrogance and selfish ignorance of this world.  Humility starts with speaking less, with using words prudently and carefully, as if we only had so many to use in our lives.  Perhaps we should see words as steps toward or away from God. There can be no middle ground, no neutral place here.  Either what we say will take us toward Christ or it will push us farther from Him.  The kind word, the gentle advice, the words of support and encouragement, and the expression of love are representative of Christ in our mouths.  The boastful arrogance, the hurtful gossip, the selfish demands and expectations, and the cutting insults are, on the other hand, steps away from Christ.

What goes for our words, likewise goes for our thoughts, actions, plans,  conduct, and attitude.  Every waking part of our lives spent outside the bathroom can and should be a persistent prayer, a transcendent expression of gratitude, love, loyalty, and dedication to God.  Prayer, then, should not be something we do when we get the chance but, rather, something we get the chance to do when we immerse ourselves with God.  We can, and should, turn our entire lives into a prayer, a song of praise, thanks, love, and dedication to God and God’s Will.  Do not look at prayer as a respite from the insanity of this world, as a temporary escape from the asylum we face on a daily basis.  Rather, immerse  yourself in prayer to the point where you do not drink prayer but rather live it.

Live in prayer; turn your life into a prayer;  know that, if you do this for the rest of  your life, you will truly bring God into your very existence as He deserves to be.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica    All rights reserved


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