The Body Prayer






Dearest Lord,  Let my mind be filled with Your Word, Your Will, and Your Example, that it may guide and direct me in every way toward You.

Let my ears only hear You call my name to Your service, and Your Word filling my mind, heart, and soul with Your guidance.

Let my eyes only see You in those I meet, and the opportunities to bring You daily into this world.


Let my tongue only taste Your Blessed Body and Blood as my true nourishment.

Let my mouth only deliver You to others, as a minister of You to all I meet, as a gentle guide, loving assistant, humble messenger, and constant relief in Your Name.

Sweet Lord, let my shoulders gladly carry the crosses you send me, my arms eagerly embrace those I can help, my hands reach out to those in need, and my fingers always point toward You and not myself.

Let my heart be filled with Your example of love and charity and my soul be immersed in a desire to someday return to You happily bruised with the experience of having soothed others’ bruises, and deserving of the eternal opportunity to bathe in Your Presence.

Let my knees always bend giving You praise and thanks and working for others, and let my legs take me to where You need me to be to better serve You.

Finally, let my feet stand firm in dedicated and loyal service to You, always ready, willing, and able to proclaim, represent, and defend Your Name and that of Your Blessed Mother as well as the gift of Faith You have lovingly sent me.

Above all, let my whole body serve You all the days of my life, and serve as Your tool in this vineyard rather than an obstacle to that service and my eternal salvation.

Dearest Lord, Let my body serve as a humble, unworthy, but willing chalice bringing You to others through my thoughts, words, actions, example, and love. Let me always strive to keep this chalice a worthy vessel of Your love, Will, and Word, all the days of my life.

Copyright, 2013,   Gabriel Garnica     All Rights Reserved


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