A Thousand Dollars Pales in Comparison…



If I offered you one thousand dollars, no strings attached, would  you take it? After all, you could pay your bills, go on vacation, etc.  Sure you would, because a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars….

If I rolled the thousand dollars into a ball, would you still take it?  Sure, it would be all wrinkled but, after all, it would still be a thousand dollars, and a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars.

If I threw the thousand dollars on the ground, and stamped on it until it was muddy, would you still take it? Of course you would, wouldn’t you?  After all, even if it is dirty, a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars.

Now, think about something.  Did  you make that thousand dollars?  Did you personally mint it?  Obviously not, yet you can still value that money because of the change that thousand dollars can bring about in your life, and this world, because of its potential for good.

Are you greater, wiser, kinder, fairer, or more forgiving and merciful than God?  Of course not, since He is the Master of all of these traits.

Do you think that you are worth more than one thousand dollars?  Of course you are, you are much  more valuable than a mere grand.

So, if you, a mere imperfect creature, with many faults, yet more valuable than one thousand dollars, can appreciate a one thousand dollar bill regardless of what it  has been through, of how far it looks from the way it did when just created.  Given that, then imagine a God, who created you, a you infinitely more valuable than one thousand dollars created by a God infinitely more everything than you. Imagine how much more this all wise and loving and merciful God values you regardless of how far you have let your soul go from the way it looked when you were created.   If you, a defective, imperfect, limited creature, can appreciate a mere thousand dollars you did not even create because of what it can do, then imagine how much more a perfect, all knowing, all merciful God can appreciate you, who are infinitely more valuable than a mere thousand dollars, for what you can do, regardless of how far your soul looks from its pristine appearance at creation.  Appreciate that, and you have appreciated God’s wisdom, mercy, and forgiveness at all once.

Copyright, Gabriel Garnica, 2013


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