Love Widens The Road







We are told that the road to Heaven is narrow and difficult for those who love only themselves, or their earthly possessions, instead of others. We are also told that, on the contrary, that road is wider and easier for those love God and others.  One can imagine trying to thread a needle when selfish and self-focused whose eye becomes as large as a hoola-hoop when one loves God and others most.  From my own experience, I can say that, whenever I have been closer to God, staying that close and aspiring to be even closer seems much more feasible and easy.  On the contrary, whenever I have strayed farther from God, it has become even easier to stray even farther and has seemed much harder to remain even the distance I stood from Him.   Put in other terms, the good get better and the sinful sin more.

Try watching less of the mindless TV shows you have become subconsciously addicted to watching. After a few weeks, it will become easier to stay away from this “spiritual and mental junk food”.  Imagine praying and reading the Bible or other spiritual book instead of watching the drones on TV.  That is like having a salad instead of eating that bacon cheeseburger.  I remember being addicted to coca-cola or even milk as a teen, feeling uncomfortable if I did not have one of these at least once a day.  After  hearing the health horrors of coke and learning that milk’s health value is often overrated, I moved away from consuming these so frequently and, today, I do not feel well if I drink coke and I can take or leave milk with ease.

At the end of the day, we need to instill, nourish, feed, develop, and apply a deep love of God and others in ourselves such that all will become an ingrained pattern of our lives.  Have you ever exercised regularly for a while and seen what happens when you do not exercise? Suddenly, you realize that you miss the workouts, that they have become part of you.  Why not do all you can to make serving and glorifying God a part of yourself for the rest of your life?

Ultimately, the road to salvation is only narrow and difficult for those who, one way or the other, either externally or internally, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously,  think that they are the drivers on that road, and/or that such road only leads to self.  For those whose focus, obsession, relentless passion, internal and external drive, direct and indirect ambition, conscious and subconscious direction, is loving and  honoring God and serving others in love, the road to salvation is a six lane highway. So open your arms, your mind, your heart, and your soul to loving your God and serving others, and you just might be opening the path to your own salvation in far greater measure.

Copyright, 2013  Gabriel Garnica


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