The 7 Mantles Our Love of God Should Wear





We speak, from time to time, of our love of God yet, do we really immerse ourselves in that love?  There are 7 suggestions, or mantles, that our love of God should wear.

1.  Our Love of God Should Be Relentless…………We must never cease loving God, and demonstrating our love for God, as well as spreading that love whenever, and wherever, we can. When we feel that we have done enough for  now, we have merely scratched the surface of a small grain of the largest desert we can imagine in comparison to the love God has for us and has so completely shown us.  It is the least we can do to be relentless, unceasing, in our feeble attempt to return that love as best we can in our imperfect way.

2.  Our Love of God Should be Passionate………..We must so fervently love God that we cannot contain ourselves in that love.  We must experience and demonstrate a love so fervent that it is all we can do to restrain our expression of that love in all parts of our lives.   Our love for God should literally overflow from our souls, heart, and mind and spill throughout our lives and the lives of those we touch.

3.  Our Love of God Should be Creative and Resourceful……….We must love God so passionately and relentlessly that we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to demonstrate that love, as well as devising ways to overcome whatever obstacles the evil one puts in our way to prevent us from expressing, spreading, and living that love.

4.  Our Love of God Should be Selfless………………We must love God totally immersed and focused in His Blessings and Importance in our lives, completely independent of whatever needs or desires we may have.  To transcend JFK’s famous lines,  we must not ask what God can do for us but, rather, we must ask what we can do for God and for others in His Name.

5.  Our Love of God Should be Sincere……………..We must love God to the depths of our being in honest praise, and never for effect or show.   Our love of God should be the most honest part of our lives.

6.   Our Love of God Should be Pure and Innocent…..We must love God free of preconceptions, assumptions, cynicism, hypocrisy, resentment, and any of the other myriad emotions and pollutants inspired and perpetuated by this world.  We must love God as innocent children love, with true simplicity.

7.   Our Love of God Should be Infectious….We must become carriers of our love of God, spreading that love to others with an open and public freedom.   We must never be afraid to reflect, in our own imperfect way, God’s love to everyone we come in contact with.

If we truly and completely love God with the above traits, or mantles, we will assuredly be patient, kind, and unselfish in our love of both God and others. The only place where our patience will be tried will be with ourselves, for we must accept and embrace the reality that our struggle to more effectively and completely love God will be a lifelong struggle, but what matters is our effort and good intent to do our best to grow in that love.

Copyright,  2013    Gabriel Garnica



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