You Will Spend Your Eternity With Your Priority

Eternity….that is a long time, isn’t it.  Some people deny it exists, believing that when our time on this rock is over, we are over, and the story is done.  Others believe that people come back, they reincarnate and get another run around the track, going up or down the status chain depending on how they have handled their previous lap.  For many of us, however, eternity is far more than zero or returning to this mess of a planet.  We believe in an afterlife, an eternity based on how we lived on this planet.  Simply put, we believe in a life with consequences, not affecting whether we return as an ant or a king but, more profoundly, how and where we spend the rest of time.

If you believe that your time here has consequences and determines your eternity, then how and where you spend that eternity has real meaning and value.  My suggestion is that You will spend your eternity with your priority.  This means that, whatever was the most important to you in life, you will spend with in your eternity.  If you were obsessed with doing evil things, you will spend  your eternity with the prince of evil. If, on the other hand, your top priority was yourself, you will spend your eternity with yourself. Now, since only caring about yourself is inconsistent with Heaven, whether you have to spend some time in Purgatory to “get over yourself” or if, you were so obsessed with yourself that that will never happen and thus you go to hell, is a case by case situation.  Whatever you cut it, the only way we end up in Heaven is when our priority, our focus, and our center of attention is where it should be…namely,  God Almighty.

So, start organizing your priorities, and make sure that God is at the top, because your eternal PO Box will most surely depend on it.


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