Without__________________ I am nothing……….How would you complete this?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they finish this sentence.  Some will write “family”; others will insert “love”; still others, if they are honest, would write “money” or “friends”.  How would you complete this phrase?  The answer will tell you what you think completes your life, gives  your existence meaning, and/or fulfills your purpose or mission on this rock.

If you would add “family” or “love” or even “friends” to this phrase, you are on the right track but you have been satisfied with far less than you are capable of, destined to be, and should aspire to.  While it is nice to care about others, to love those who add to our lives, the truth is that, regardless of how special those people truly are, they cannot impact our ultimate eternity enough to qualify for the completion of this sentence.  At best, you will approach God with far emptier hands than you should have when it is time to submit the accounts of your life.  At worst, you may lose salvation altogether if the “family”, “friends”, or “love” you so highly favor and need are misguided.  Holding a family member or friend so important as to complete your life, while touching, falls far short of the trajectory for salvation. This is so, not only because that person is flawed as we are and two flawed individuals are not necessarily better than one if that is all they are.   Some may think that “love” is the key here.  However, what if you love money, or love someone who wants to draw you away from God, etc?  Will that love necessarily complete  your life and write the best ending to your life story?

“Money” or “popularity” are, obviously, even more pathetic than any of the above could ever be. They represent the most superficial and weak of aspirations to complete one’s presence on this earth.  Fast food may fill you, but it will rarely, if ever, truly provide the nutrition you need.  Likewise, any of the things so far discussed may seemingly “complete” you but, if you are honest, they will never truly fulfill and actualize you.

No, the only true answer to the above phrase is, of course, God Almighty, without Whom we truly are nothing. If we see God as our beginning, reason, and objective, then everything else will be in proper perspective, and whatever does not fit that place of God in our lives, will be revealed as only so much waste.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica


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