A Thousand Dollars Pales in Comparison…



If I offered you one thousand dollars, no strings attached, would  you take it? After all, you could pay your bills, go on vacation, etc.  Sure you would, because a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars….

If I rolled the thousand dollars into a ball, would you still take it?  Sure, it would be all wrinkled but, after all, it would still be a thousand dollars, and a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars.

If I threw the thousand dollars on the ground, and stamped on it until it was muddy, would you still take it? Of course you would, wouldn’t you?  After all, even if it is dirty, a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars.

Now, think about something.  Did  you make that thousand dollars?  Did you personally mint it?  Obviously not, yet you can still value that money because of the change that thousand dollars can bring about in your life, and this world, because of its potential for good.

Are you greater, wiser, kinder, fairer, or more forgiving and merciful than God?  Of course not, since He is the Master of all of these traits.

Do you think that you are worth more than one thousand dollars?  Of course you are, you are much  more valuable than a mere grand.

So, if you, a mere imperfect creature, with many faults, yet more valuable than one thousand dollars, can appreciate a one thousand dollar bill regardless of what it  has been through, of how far it looks from the way it did when just created.  Given that, then imagine a God, who created you, a you infinitely more valuable than one thousand dollars created by a God infinitely more everything than you. Imagine how much more this all wise and loving and merciful God values you regardless of how far you have let your soul go from the way it looked when you were created.   If you, a defective, imperfect, limited creature, can appreciate a mere thousand dollars you did not even create because of what it can do, then imagine how much more a perfect, all knowing, all merciful God can appreciate you, who are infinitely more valuable than a mere thousand dollars, for what you can do, regardless of how far your soul looks from its pristine appearance at creation.  Appreciate that, and you have appreciated God’s wisdom, mercy, and forgiveness at all once.

Copyright, Gabriel Garnica, 2013

The 7 Mantles Our Love of God Should Wear





We speak, from time to time, of our love of God yet, do we really immerse ourselves in that love?  There are 7 suggestions, or mantles, that our love of God should wear.

1.  Our Love of God Should Be Relentless…………We must never cease loving God, and demonstrating our love for God, as well as spreading that love whenever, and wherever, we can. When we feel that we have done enough for  now, we have merely scratched the surface of a small grain of the largest desert we can imagine in comparison to the love God has for us and has so completely shown us.  It is the least we can do to be relentless, unceasing, in our feeble attempt to return that love as best we can in our imperfect way.

2.  Our Love of God Should be Passionate………..We must so fervently love God that we cannot contain ourselves in that love.  We must experience and demonstrate a love so fervent that it is all we can do to restrain our expression of that love in all parts of our lives.   Our love for God should literally overflow from our souls, heart, and mind and spill throughout our lives and the lives of those we touch.

3.  Our Love of God Should be Creative and Resourceful……….We must love God so passionately and relentlessly that we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to demonstrate that love, as well as devising ways to overcome whatever obstacles the evil one puts in our way to prevent us from expressing, spreading, and living that love.

4.  Our Love of God Should be Selfless………………We must love God totally immersed and focused in His Blessings and Importance in our lives, completely independent of whatever needs or desires we may have.  To transcend JFK’s famous lines,  we must not ask what God can do for us but, rather, we must ask what we can do for God and for others in His Name.

5.  Our Love of God Should be Sincere……………..We must love God to the depths of our being in honest praise, and never for effect or show.   Our love of God should be the most honest part of our lives.

6.   Our Love of God Should be Pure and Innocent…..We must love God free of preconceptions, assumptions, cynicism, hypocrisy, resentment, and any of the other myriad emotions and pollutants inspired and perpetuated by this world.  We must love God as innocent children love, with true simplicity.

7.   Our Love of God Should be Infectious….We must become carriers of our love of God, spreading that love to others with an open and public freedom.   We must never be afraid to reflect, in our own imperfect way, God’s love to everyone we come in contact with.

If we truly and completely love God with the above traits, or mantles, we will assuredly be patient, kind, and unselfish in our love of both God and others. The only place where our patience will be tried will be with ourselves, for we must accept and embrace the reality that our struggle to more effectively and completely love God will be a lifelong struggle, but what matters is our effort and good intent to do our best to grow in that love.

Copyright,  2013    Gabriel Garnica


You Will Spend Your Eternity With Your Priority

Eternity….that is a long time, isn’t it.  Some people deny it exists, believing that when our time on this rock is over, we are over, and the story is done.  Others believe that people come back, they reincarnate and get another run around the track, going up or down the status chain depending on how they have handled their previous lap.  For many of us, however, eternity is far more than zero or returning to this mess of a planet.  We believe in an afterlife, an eternity based on how we lived on this planet.  Simply put, we believe in a life with consequences, not affecting whether we return as an ant or a king but, more profoundly, how and where we spend the rest of time.

If you believe that your time here has consequences and determines your eternity, then how and where you spend that eternity has real meaning and value.  My suggestion is that You will spend your eternity with your priority.  This means that, whatever was the most important to you in life, you will spend with in your eternity.  If you were obsessed with doing evil things, you will spend  your eternity with the prince of evil. If, on the other hand, your top priority was yourself, you will spend your eternity with yourself. Now, since only caring about yourself is inconsistent with Heaven, whether you have to spend some time in Purgatory to “get over yourself” or if, you were so obsessed with yourself that that will never happen and thus you go to hell, is a case by case situation.  Whatever you cut it, the only way we end up in Heaven is when our priority, our focus, and our center of attention is where it should be…namely,  God Almighty.

So, start organizing your priorities, and make sure that God is at the top, because your eternal PO Box will most surely depend on it.

Without__________________ I am nothing……….How would you complete this?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they finish this sentence.  Some will write “family”; others will insert “love”; still others, if they are honest, would write “money” or “friends”.  How would you complete this phrase?  The answer will tell you what you think completes your life, gives  your existence meaning, and/or fulfills your purpose or mission on this rock.

If you would add “family” or “love” or even “friends” to this phrase, you are on the right track but you have been satisfied with far less than you are capable of, destined to be, and should aspire to.  While it is nice to care about others, to love those who add to our lives, the truth is that, regardless of how special those people truly are, they cannot impact our ultimate eternity enough to qualify for the completion of this sentence.  At best, you will approach God with far emptier hands than you should have when it is time to submit the accounts of your life.  At worst, you may lose salvation altogether if the “family”, “friends”, or “love” you so highly favor and need are misguided.  Holding a family member or friend so important as to complete your life, while touching, falls far short of the trajectory for salvation. This is so, not only because that person is flawed as we are and two flawed individuals are not necessarily better than one if that is all they are.   Some may think that “love” is the key here.  However, what if you love money, or love someone who wants to draw you away from God, etc?  Will that love necessarily complete  your life and write the best ending to your life story?

“Money” or “popularity” are, obviously, even more pathetic than any of the above could ever be. They represent the most superficial and weak of aspirations to complete one’s presence on this earth.  Fast food may fill you, but it will rarely, if ever, truly provide the nutrition you need.  Likewise, any of the things so far discussed may seemingly “complete” you but, if you are honest, they will never truly fulfill and actualize you.

No, the only true answer to the above phrase is, of course, God Almighty, without Whom we truly are nothing. If we see God as our beginning, reason, and objective, then everything else will be in proper perspective, and whatever does not fit that place of God in our lives, will be revealed as only so much waste.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica