Prayer of Faith

Dear Lord,  a few words from Your sweet lips were enough to calm the sea and wind  soothing Your followers’ fears.  We believe that You stand by us during the storms of our lives, despite our weakness.  Help us to release our fears and doubts to the embrace of Your eternal love and protection.

Sweetest Jesus, You knew the pains of poverty and the struggle to find work. We believe in Your purpose for our lives and surrender our wants in the service of Your  Divine Will. Help us to escape the material poverty of this world and seek the eternal wealth of Your warm embrace.

Gentle Master, You faced the injustice, ridicule, persecution, and hatred of a world not always willing to hear or live Your message of  unselfish love,  devoted service, genuine humility, and total sacrifice.  We believe in the truth of that message, and the blessing of Your example. Help us to overcome these earthly obstacles in the service of Your name and the footsteps of Your example.

Lord Almighty, we believe in the depth of Your love, the strength of Your protection, the warmth of Your embrace, and the virtue of Your message. We believe that You are the purpose of our lives and the Truth we seek. Above all, we believe that with You as our goal, the battle is won regardless of whatever setbacks we may face along the way.

Amen.          Copyright,  2013   Gabriel Garnica   All Rights Reserved


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