See Him Everywhere


Contrast helps us to find our way.  If the image above was of simply all white or all black, we would see nothing.  Likewise, uniformity gives greater clarity and meaning than sporadic contrast. If the above image was simply patches of 20 different colors, we would see something between a rainbow and the random finger paints of a toddler. We have all heard the expression that life is not always black and white, which is true. However, where everything is, in fact, black and white, as above, what do we see?  Do we still see random, meaningless, accidental patterns?  Do we still see the infantile pokes of a child?  Ultimately, is the meaning of what we see in our lives limited to the here and now, with a blurry journey to nowhere ahead of us?

The first step to finding Christ is to love Him so much that He is constantly in your mind. If you love Him that much, you will want to please Him as best you can, and you will detest displeasing Him.  If you love Him that much, you will measure what you do by how you serve Him doing what you do. You will see your life meaning as only having meaning in the context of Him, of His words, of His example.  If you love Him that much, the difficulties of following Him, of living this temporary life that we have been given in this very flawed earth surrounded by a very definitely flawed society led by a twisted authority, will melt away. Yes, you will surely suffer, f ind discomfort, frustration, even desperation but, in the context of Christ, these will seem much less significant.  Taken in purely earthly terms, it would be as if I gave you the choice to have someone hit your finger with a hammer hard for nothing or for one million dollars.  In both cases,  you would feel the pain, and fear the damage to  your hand but, in the second case, you would be much less bothered and much more willing to take the hit in return for the prize.  Well, Christ is infinitely more valuable than one million dollars, and has a truly eternal benefit in contrast to the purely limited and temporal value of the million dollars, so we should be ready, willing, and able to take any hits this world gives us for being with Him eternally.

Once we love Him above all else, then we will trust Him above all else.  Trust means believing that He will be there for us when we need Him, and that whatever happens to us happens, if we are following His example and Word, for a greater purpose.  Obviously, if we suffer due to our own sins and faults, then what happens to us is simply a consequence of our actions.  So, to repeat.  If we love and follow Christ, we can trust and believe that He will be there for us, regardless of what happens, and that He will lead us home.  If we ignore, neglect, or reject Christ, we will only be trusting and believing in ourselves, which will not bode well for us when things get rough.

Ultimately, if we love Christ and trust in Him, we will see Him in all things, and in all people.  If we see Him in some aspect of our lives but ignore or reject Him, we do so at our own peril, and will be judged more harshly than if we had never seen Him at all.  Our job, then,  is to see Him everywhere and help others do so as well.

The above image is fairly well known, apparently circulating around the world in the middle of the last century. As the story goes, a Chinese photographer  was riding home one day through the snow. According to the story, his soul was deeply troubled. He felt strangely compelled to take a photograph of the melting snow forming pools of water and revealing here and there the black earth. Curious to know the outcome of the incident, he developed the film at once upon returning to his home. Out from the black and white areas of the snow scene, a face appeared, full of tenderness and love–the face of Jesus Christ. He became a Christian as a result of the experience.

Like the Chinese photographer, we must live our lives so that we will always be compelled to see Our Master in all we do, all we say, and all those we come in contact with.  It will not always be easy, or pleasant, but it will be the path to paradise.  Look closely at the above image, and see Christ as the Chinese photographer did. Then, make sure that you frame that image in your heart, mind, and soul for the rest of your life and beyond.

Copyright, 2013   Gabriel Garnica


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