The Only Yes That Matters….

If you think about it, our life  is a series of decisions wherein we must reply “yes” or “no”.  Either we accept something that comes before us, or we do not. If we are ambivalent, unsure, and answer with a maybe, that response is a temporary no often likely to become a permanent no.  While it is often a good idea to hold off judgment or decisions until one has more information, that should be reserved for earthly matters where more information is needed such as whether or not it is a good idea to marry a certain person,  buy a certain home or car, start a given business, or take a certain job opportunity. Our propensity to respond no in maybe situations may stem from fear or insecurity.  Our propensity to respond yes in maybe situations, however, may stem from either our impulsiveness or our faith.  Notice that three out of the four maybe motivations ( fear, insecurity, impulsiveness) are negative things and only one is a positive one (faith).  Even then, our faith in something may be ill-founded on blind trust, misinformation, etc.  Simply put, there are traps everywhere in life, and we make yes and no decisions based on our best perceptions of how to proceed, often blind to the ultimate consequences of our decisions.

There is only one yes response that we need not fear. There is only one yes response that is not a trap. That yes is the yes to God; to following His Word, His path.  In  a world filled with frauds who display their pretzel God twisted to suit a personal agenda, we can read God’s Word, remain firmly attached to the Natural Law, and seek our path home to the only Yes that matters.

Faith in God is ultimately jumping that gap where our earthly weakness ends and wishes to go no further.  It is ignoring the easy, earthly way or answer and focusing on God’s way and answer. It is saying yes without really understanding fully.  Practice saying yes to God every day, for He is the only Yes that ultimately matters.  Everything else is so much superficial, temporary, and false hype, hypocrisy, and deception.   In the end,  Y-E-S to God means  Your Eternal Salvation.

Copyright 2012   Gabriel Garnica


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