Dear Lord, Let Me “Urn” My Place in Your Service

We all know the story of Our Lord’s first miracle at Cana and how His Mother brought assistance to those in need by instructing the servants to “Do whatever he tells you”  (John 2:3-5).  We must see ourselves as similar urns, perhaps filled with the tasteless water of  this earth which, while it may soothe our thirst temporarily, is ultimately limited in its ability to serve our needs for all of our purposes moving forward. How full we often fill ourselves of this earth’s offerings, attractive to our thirsty minds as a temporary escape, a “mini-salvation” from the discomforts of the physical world.  Gorged with this world’s offerings, we are too heavy to be lifted toward God and, perhaps, too satisfied to care.

The secret is not to empty ourselves, for there is much that God has given us that deserves to be used in His glory. Rather, the solution seems to be to allow what we do bring to the table to be transformed by Christ’s Presence in our lives into something much greater than would be possible by our own means. Transforming the water of our earthly selves into the wine of our Heavenly mission is the true miracle which should be our ever-present and ultimate goal.

Urns come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our individual talents and gifts. Rather than seeking to contain and serve as much wine as others, we must merely seek to fill our own potential as defined by the size of our urn. This requires patience, humility, obedience, and listening to God’s call.  When we combine our God-given talents with our God-inspired mission in an environment of love, humility, service, and dedication to God, we allow the Almighty to work wonders through us, and what better way to spend our lives on this very temporary planet than to spend that time serving God’s purpose?   So, look to your talents; listen to His call; seek only to serve Him; and, in the words of Francis, be His instrument. Do not measure your worth or your success by the standards of this temporary rock you happen to live on. Rather, only look to spend yourself serving God, to serve as His urn from which He may pour out blessings to others, and you will surely “urn” your place in Heaven.

Copyright, 2012   Gabriel Garnica

Touch The Wood

We fancy ourselves, so close to His call

yet the closer He draws us, the harder we fall

Our pride does allow us, to assert so clear

that there on that Friday, we would have been so near

So simple and easy, to pretend so well

that His Name on our lips, we would gladly tell

All who might wonder, were we of His band

when questioned, crossed the line on the sand


Forgive Dear Jesus, this foolish pride

which speaks so much louder, its cowardice to hide


We dare to judge Peter, he who did sigh

when told by his Master, three times would deny

Our measure falls on Judas, the one led astray

by a failure to love Jesus, at the end of the day

So certain we motion, our stare left to see

His friends turned impostors, who hastened to flee

Oh Thomas, we utter, so blessed are we

who believe and accept, although we don’t see


Forgive, Divine Master, this foolish pride

that counts others’ weakness, though its own faults are wide


We want all the glory, and seek all the fame

as if being His follower, was merely a game

His Words and Example, we fail to trace

unlike Veronica, whose love wiped His Face

Words over actions, so convenient a plan

without love our intention, when love makes the man

Like Simon yet worse still, for his was a given task

while we pretend loyalty, while wearing a mask


Forgive my Dear Savior, this foolish pride

that sits here in darkness, while for me You died


We live in a world, which crucifies Him still

yet do we stand by Him, or do we fulfill

Our own tired agenda, our own selfish schemes

built on facades and pretensions, and feeding on dreams

That we do not need Him, and can push Him aside

to follow a devil, who has consistently lied

that Salvation is out there, just within our grip

without our Dear Jesus, along for the trip


Forgive me, my Lord, this foolish pride

steeped in sin and diversions, that I often slide


If you want to follow, Our Lord’s gentle plea

then get out of this world’s boat, and walk on the sea

For He will not leave you, and by you remain

to feed and reward you, with Heavenly gain

This world will despise you, as it so often does Him

but this should embrace you, regardless how dim

If you want to feel Him, to live in His Name

then die to this world, for that is one and the same

If you want to follow, His lesson of good

then you must approach His sweet cross, and touch the wood


Copyright, 2012   Gabriel Garnica