Divine Mercy and Deus Solus

Having just attended the Divine Mercy Sunday gathering at the National Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Mass., I am filled with the desire to perpetuate this beautiful Gift from Our Lord.  Through His messages and teachings directed to us through St. Faustina, Christ tells us that He loves us, no matter how great our sins, which are dwarfed by His immense Mercy and Love.  Christ wants us to trust fully in this Divine Mercy, so that we may approach Him in sincere, prayerful, and open contrition for our sins, repenting for hurting Him so and asking Him to pour out His mercy upon us and the whole world. A simple way for remembering this message has been suggested as ABC, which I wish to summarize here in relation to Deus solus

A…….Ask for God’s mercy…God wants to pour His infinite mercy upon us, but He wants us to freely ask Him for it by repenting our sins and approaching Him in contrition and thirst for that most beautiful and loving mercy.  Deus solus tells us that God Alone is what matters, that everything begins and ends with Our Lord, and that serving Him should be our only goal. It stands to reason that, if God is everything for me, then I must approach Him in trusting vulnerability, saying “Dear Lord, make of me, of my life, what You will, guide me to serve and glorify only You.”  If we ask God to use us as His tool for salvation according to His Will, then we must by necessity constantly ask Him to pour His Divine Mercy upon us, for this Gift will surely refresh and renew us as we confirm our mission of focused service. Simply put, if God is my beginning, my end, and my purpose, then I must ask Him for His Divine Mercy so that, relieved of the burden of my own weakness and imperfection, I may serve He Who is Perfection Itself.

B……..Be merciful to others…God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others.  He wants us to love and forgive just as He does.  Deus solus tells us that God should be so important in our lives that we become mere instruments of God, tools offered in His service and according to His Will.  Hence, if God is so merciful and loving then, we, as tools and extensions of God, must likewise be merciful and loving.  To the extent that we refuse or are unable to show love and mercy as Our Lord did, we are not serving as instruments of God but rather instruments of our own desires and agenda.

C…….God wants us to completely trust in His love and mercy in order to receive the graces of that mercy. Mistrust of God is at the root of much sin, much distance from Our Lord.  It is the sin of Judas, who did not trust and love Christ enough to believe, much less accept, that Our Lord could and would forgive him if only he asked.  We will not, we cannot, approach God, much less be merciful to others, unless we become like children in the Hands of Our Lord; fully willing, ready, and able to put ourselves fully in His service. Deus solus tells us that God is everything, and that there is simply no other possible path to salvation and ultimate joy than through Him, with Him, serving Him.  Unless I fully trust God, God cannot possibly be Everything for me.  Ultimately, Deus solus can be my life message and the core of my existence precisely because I trust and love Our Lord fully to save me assuming I want to be saved.

Ultimately, without Deus solus I cannot fully embrace and apply God’s mercy in my life. Likewise, without embracing God’s mercy, I cannot pretend to embrace Deus solus.  At the end of the day, Deus solus means Only God Matters because Only God provides the most loving, merciful invitation to our salvation.

Copyright, 2012  Gabriel Garnica


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