“October Baby” Reminds Us of Hollywood’s Big Abortion Problem

After seeing the pro-life movie October Baby  get bashed by 75% of the film critics and praised by  over 90% of the audience, I saw the film myself last weekend and came out of the theatre with two observations.

Hollywood’s Twisted Portrayal of Abortion

Nowhere is Hollywood’s pathetic and despicable hypocrisy, bias, and cowardice more evident than in its handling of abortion. Films like Cider House Rules and Vera Drake, which both displayed abortion as a noble social good removing the chains of ignorance and oppression from women,  had no problem getting wide distribution and garnering  high praise and awards from all corners of Hollywood.  The made for television movie If These Walls Could Talk, which Cher partly directed and starred in,  depicts two women who choose abortion as thoughtful victims of an ignorant society and a third who decides against abortion as an ignorant and gullible fool with no legitimate clue as to why she has made the choice. That third woman, played by Sizzy Spacek, is portrayed as a woman yearning for an education who drops all hope of happiness as she prepares to deal with an unwanted child while shining her husband’s shoes.  The clear message of all three stories is that men are heartless monsters who victimize women with pregnancy, reflecting the Obama message that pregnancy can be a prison and abortion is the get-out-of-jail card that only ignorant, gullible, and backward women reject.

Invariably,  Hollywood condemns any pro-life film as blatant propaganda rubbish and any pro-abortion movie as thought-provoking, profound, and insightful. Bella, another beautiful pro-life effort, was criticized this way when it was released a few years ago, and October Baby receives the same treatment from the vast majority of the same critics who nearly slipped on their own drivel in excitement over Cider House Rules and Vera Drake.  These films, and If These Walls Could Talk, practically depict abortion as a sacrament and abortionists as its most noble and saintly priests. In Walls, Cher is the smiling, benevolent, comforting, saintly doctor and abortion is the loving, sanitized, practically bloodless salvation from the suffering of an unwanted pregnancy. In the most absurd and truly ridiculous of ironies, this peaceful abortion is cut short by the crazed violence of a bloodthirsty pro-life zealot. Such is the utterly heinous and vile lie sold by Hollywood and the Left. Namely, that abortion is anything near a salvation from violence and harm to women. In the most ironic and detestable of ironies, Cher is practically depicted as an almost Virgin Mary figure gazing over the girl seeking an abortion and, just as suddenly, as a Christ-like sacrificial lamb giving up her life for her noble cause.

If Hollywood portrays abortion and abortionists as a cross between Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale, what of its depiction of those who oppose this barbaric procedure? In short, they are depicted as stupid, homophobic, sexist, creepy and downright psychotic. From squealing priests and pro-life protestors short a few chromosomes to superstitious dolts with the IQ and common sense of a doorknob, abortion opponents are branded as pathetically  evil idiots preventing the enlightened pro-abortion crowd from efficiently and fully dragging society to the modern world.

The Left’s Pathetic Scramble to Conceal The Truth is Losing Ground

The Hunger Games has scored box office success while depicting children sadistically enjoying shooting, stabbing, and beating each other to death, . http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/13311265/parents-warned-about-hunger-games-violence/ in becoming the third most successful opening film of all time after netting $ 155 million in its opening weekend.

Although it only opened in 390 theaters, October Baby earned the second-highest-per screen average, bringing in almost $ 2 million in ticket sales.  One of October Baby’s directors, Jon Erwin, described how no studio wanted to touch the film because it was considered “too controversial” such that, ultimately, he and the film’s other director, his brother Andrew, raised the money themselves, delaying the release.  Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian movie site Movieguide.org, attributes the success of “October Baby”  to a strong Christian and moral world view that touches the hearts of those who saw it.

Therein lies the inherent problem with this entire situation.  We live in an increasingly anti-Christian, amoral society where a film depicting random, sadistic violence by children against children is gladly accepted and October Baby, which depicts loving forgiveness and a respect for life is bashed as a “slickly packaged…essentially ugly…soapy melodrama.. which communicates in language of guilt and fear…intended to terrify young women” http://movies.nytimes.com/2012/03/23/movies/october-baby-with-jasmine-guy-and-john-schneider.html?smid=tw-nytimesmovies&seid=auto. The film is alternately described as dull, amateurish, weepy, unrealistic, indecent propaganda, better off as a bumper sticker, a campaign video, or an endless lecture by the myriad of critics regularly paid by someone who cares what they think about film.

Fortunately, the audiences who are flocking to see this wonderful film are ignoring, and rejecting, the biased and distorted reviews of these so-called movie experts whose expertise lies in being paid to view and spew their own biases about what they view. As is the case with many issues today, we see the delusions and distortions being sold by the Leftist news and entertainment industry being brushed aside by average people who long for movies about the kind of themes which October Baby supplies in ample measure.

Try as it might, Hollywood will continue to be blind, deaf, and silent regarding the heinous and despicable evil that is abortion. It will continue to peddle its twisted and absurd version of entertainment and reality, where the murder of young life is whitewashed with flimsy explanations, where the fact that a bunch of teens in October Baby travel cross country without having rampant sex is mocked, and where propaganda from the left is spelled reality and reality from the right is spelled propaganda.

I have long argued that Catholic Universities like Georgetown and Fordham have become about as pro-life as Planned Parenthood.  Dripping in the social justice drivel which has been used by defiant pro-choice Cafeteria Catholics to defend the woman seeking an abortion over the life of the unborn, these institutions have been far more eager to present rubbish like The Vagina Monologues than beautiful efforts such as October Baby.

Some of October Baby’s harshest critics mocked the fact that the film, release by Goldwyn, did not heed one of Goldwyn’s most famous lines regarding what movies are supposed to do; namely, “Pictures were made to entertain. If you want to send a message, call Western Union.”  Anyone who has ever seen Cider House Rules, Vera Drake, and If These Walls Could Talk might wonder why these blatant pro-abortion propaganda efforts are not criticized in the same way by these critics. Given the success of films like Kill Bill and The Hunger Games, it might well be that, when it comes to everything from depicting the truth to glorifying violence while criticizing the pro-life movement as violent, Hollywood and its warped morality relish hearing the director say “cut”.

Copyright, 2012  Gabriel Garnica


How You Feel When You Have Sinned Says Much About Your Relationship With God

We are all sinners, in one way or another.  As imperfect humans we can slip from time to time; that is a given.  Peter slipped big time, various times, with perhaps the worst coming after he had stumbled previously.   Often, our slips take on a pattern. There are certain “weak spots” we each have.  With little thought, we can identify these danger areas, and try to avoid them.  For some it is not telling the truth; for others it is seeing money as some sort of god.  Still others are weak to the temptations of the flesh, while others seem to be resentful, selfish, or oblivious to the pain of others. Whatever your particular weak areas, it is obvious that one of your tasks is to progressively reduce and hopefully eventually eliminate your slips in those areas.

I do not pretend to compare sin with smoking, but there is some point of comparison there.   I have never smoked, but I know many people who do, and some of these have tried to stop, with varying results. It seems to me that the first step toward quitting anything harmful is to actually find it harmful, to dislike the impact that act has on your life, and on you as a person. If you think smoking is cool, or you find that smoking helps you relax, it seems that it would be much harder to stop smoking.  The eventual negative, terrible as it can be, is outweighed by the immediate positive.

Sin has a devastating eventual negative, and can have an equally harmful immediate negative as well but, if one perceives the immediate “positive” as strong or attractive enough, there will be far less motivation to stop or reduce a sinful pattern.

We all fall; we all need forgiveness, far too often.  We all benefit from having such a loving and merciful Judge. However, loving and merciful does not mean oblivious to our sin.  We must constantly reaffirm the devastating long-term cost of sin ( perdition) and just as constantly cultivate and relish the closeness and comfort of having a good relationship with God. We must love God so much that we come to feel empty after sin, remorseful of the distance that sin creates between God and ourselves.  Despite the obvious eternal devastation of sin, we must feel an immediate pain as well.   It is not enough to avoid, dislike, or fear sin because of that eternal devastation.  We must come to detest, to abhor, to feel the emptiness of sin’s broken promises.  Sin is often the quick fix, the alluring distraction, the convenient aside, which pulls us away from serving God. We must come to see sin as something so detestable, so vile, that we can barely stand it.  The faster the emptiness, the disgust, the discomfort, we feel after sin, the greater the motivation we will have to do what we can, all we can, to reduce and, hopefully, eventually, eliminate the sinful pattern from our lives.

We should detest sin so much that, after falling, we must feel an urgency to confess that sin.  People who sin often without concern or even discomfort are planting the seeds of persistent, increasingly easy sin which, with time, will distort the cost-benefit of sin itself.  Such people will see the superficial allure of sin as a “positive” , and any negative feelings regarding sin will melt away, causing the immediate allure of sin to repeatedly and often overshadow the perceived non-existent immediate and, eventually, long-term harm of sin.

In summary, if our relationship with God matters to us, we will feel great discomfort whenever that relationship is harmed or distorted.  That great discomfort, then should cause us to feel almost immediate distaste for sin.  We all sin, and we will continue to do so, but if we detest sin so much that we cannot stand to be apart from God for even a day or two, we will reduce our sin and, when we fall, we will immediately and as soon as possible rush back to Our Lord again.  If God is what matters the most in your life, then you will feel empty and lost without Him, and you will not tolerate a sinful state for any considerable length of time.  Our so-called progressive society preaches tolerance as a good and intolerance as an evil. Ironically, this society tolerates too much. If being close to God is what matters the most to us, we will always be “intolerant” of sin, and literally hate the feeling we have when we have fallen. In this case, feeling empty after sin means we are full of love for God, which is the first step toward solidifying our relationship with our Master.

Copyright, 2012   Gabriel Garnica

If They Have Not Started Criticizing or Mocking You For Christ Yet, You Have Not Yet Started to Serve Him

It should be all too obvious by now that tearing Christians apart is once again a spectator sport, as it was in Ancient Rome.  Just as hypocritical cowards satisfied their deep hatred and utter distaste for Christians back then by watching lions rip innocent men, women, and children apart from the safety of their coliseum seats, so too hypocritical cowards today satisfy their deep revulsion and utter disgust of Christians today by watching the entertainment and news media slice and dice Christians and all that is sacred to them with nary a concern nor  any hesitation. Just the other day Saturday Night Live, that clear reflection of current social norms, decided that it would be funny to insert an item mocking Christ,  the fact that He was conceived while His Blessed Mother remained a Virgin and, indirectly, Christian’s belief in that Virgin conception, all in the course of thirty seconds.  The gratuitous shot at Christians drew the typical laughter from an audience which has been well taught by this society that mocking Christianity and its beliefs is not only acceptable but, more often than not, a sign of being sophisticated and modern.  Worse still, many of those in the front lines of that mockery either called themselves Christians at one time or, incredibly, still do!

Every disrespect, every mockery, of Christianity, is justified by some absurd rationalization or twisted logic.   For Catholics, such offenses have become more and more frequent and common place. Whether it is the image of Our Lady made of dung, a crucifix in urine, or some scandalous play claiming Our Lord was a homosexual, such despicable offenses against our Catholic beliefs are justified as art.  Vulgar statements or images are defended as freedom of expression.  All of this while Catholics increasingly find that our own expressions and right to be heard and respected is minimized and marginalized. The abject  hypocrisy and disrespect of this society toward what we hold sacred and, above all, toward Our Lord and His Mother is rampant, unmitigated, insolent, treacherous, and detestable.

So we live, in many ways, in an environment somewhat like that which Our Lord saw, where evil is right and right is evil, where mindless fools imagine themselves purveyors of morality and fairness, and where those in power scandalize our beliefs by even pretending to demonstrate any of them with any sincerity. Catholics helped elect a leader who is a true opponent of our faith, and so-called Catholic politicians just killed an effort to somewhat soften or mitigate the evil of that leader’s health mandate regarding contraception.  Our faith is betrayed daily by traitors who proclaim themselves devout Catholics but are nothing but heretics who have sold their souls, and that of many followers, to evil in return for earthly gain.

We are followers of Christ and, as such, we must face the mockery, disrespect, suffering, rejection, and utter ignorance which characterizes those who would mock, criticize, or twist our faith pretending to speak and act in our name. Like our Master, we now have the opportunity to reject the subservient accommodation of our beliefs to the twisted notions and norms of this lost society. The cutting edge, the front  lines, of our faith is not to be found in the comfort of a church or the convenience of our own homes. No, it is far from those things.  If you really want to follow Christ, if you truly want to serve Him and know you are serving Him, continue to do  your work in His Name until they begin to criticize and mock you for Christ, for when that occurs you have truly found the front lines of this struggle.

As Christians in general and Catholics in particular, we must realize that the path to salvation is paved with a faith and love etched through imitating Our Lord’s love and service. We must constantly remember that we have not really begun to serve God until our efforts are mocked, ridiculed, as which point we must double our efforts.

Perhaps, one day, Catholics in particular and Christians in general may find themselves physically persecuted. This has happened all over the world, and there is no reason to believe that it will stop anytime soon.  In order to find salvation, we must first push the envelope of this society’s myopic view of the world which often requires us to choose between our beliefs and conscience.

Do not be afraid of suffering, nor too strongly embrace convenience, for these situations often keep you  focused, disciplined, or on a necessary edge each day. Above all, remember that people of faith embrace suffering as the channel to drawing some portion of His sacrifice.  If, on the other hand, you play everything safe and seek to avoid conflict or struggle, then you are evading your ultimate responsibility to your audience and to yourself.

Copyright, 2012    Gabriel Garnica