Seven Characteristics of Confused People

Beware: these New Age symbols

The hollow and deceptive threat of the New Age “religion” now infecting our society is a combination of spirituality and superstition. New Age may serve as the ultimate vehicle for “one world” system that could open the door for the Antichrist.

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human traditions and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” Colossians 2:8

    As we read the above passage from the Bible, we may not realize that the “hollow and deceptive philosophy” Colossians was talking about is not only right under our noses, but more accurately all around us. Otto Friedrich describes this threat to our faith as a modern revival of ancient religious traditions, Eastern mysticism, modern philosophy and psychology, science and science fiction, and the counterculture of the 50s and 60s. It is a combination of spirituality and superstition, fad and farce. What is this great threat?

The threat is a New Age “religion”, and the only thing more dangerous than its steady infection of our society is the fact that it may serve as the ultimate vehicle for the kind of “one world” system that could open the door for the Antichrist. What are the key precepts of this system? Why is it so dangerous to our faith? How does the Garabandal Message answer this vile cancer preying on our world? These are questions we must answer with the help of God Almighty, Christ our Savior, and our Blessed Mother.

The Seven Characteristics of Highly Confused People

There are seven ways that we can identify those who, consciously or not, are already in the grips of New Ageism. Each of these concepts is dangerous to our faith, but in combination, they create a deadly poison that runs counter to everything Christians believe. Let us consider each of these seven characteristics.

1. Jesus was not and is not the only Christ, nor is he God.

Need we say more? The typical New Ager believes in a “Christ spirit” which Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Abraham, Moses, Krishna, and Zoroastrian, among others, had. According to the typical New Ager, Jesus is “one of the gang” of gifted prophets and spiritual leaders. According to these people, Jesus was not the Son of God, since God is a force found everywhere, as we will see below in belief #2. Yet the New Testament is certainly a testament of Jesus as the one and only begotten Son of God, our Lord and Savior. The Garabandal events and messages are full of references to the uniqueness and omnipotence of Jesus, the only Christ. Events such as Our Lady’s second visit holding the baby Jesus and Conchita’s locutions with Our Lord testify to this.

2. God is an impersonal, cosmic, energy force.

According to the New Ager, God is found everywhere and in everything. God is a cosmic, universal force or energy found in everything, including us.

With this view, “mother” earth, the sun, moon, stars, and, indeed, all of nature, can be worshipped as God. Thus, in theory, when we kill a tree, we are killing part of God’s force. The above philosophy leads to two dangerous premises: we are gods, and yet, we also exist for nature. Let us deal with the second premise here. If we believe that everything on earth is connected, interdependent, and of equal divine value, then we will be offended by the notion that people are the most valuable and precious of God’s creations on earth. Taken to the next step, this view would hold that overpopulation is offensive to the earth because it strains the resources of “divine earth”. Naturally, any method to control population would be good because it would “respect” and “relieve” the stress on earth of increased population. The logical next step is euthanasia and abortion!

New Agers resent the Christian monotheistic view that they believe has separated us from our ancient connection with the earth. Besides, they reason, heavenly-minded Christians care little about the temporary, earthly, earth.

New Agers think that Christians abuse, ignore, and trample on nature because they see it as something to use at whim and then even only a stepping stone to heaven. One need only look at the story of Noah to see how God cared for both man and nature, and the story of creation, wherein God created all the things of the earth with the care and respect which they deserved. How about the example of St. Francis who respected and appreciated nature as a manifestation of God’s created beauty and Majesty and not as divinity unto itself!While it is true that people often twist Scripture to suit their own needs, we must not abandon the truths of the Holy Bible for pagan views. We must work to recapture the Bible’s respect for creation and man’s proper responsibility toward it while not falling to the other extreme of worshipping the created over the Creator.

Garabandal tells us that everything, including nature, is testimony to the great creating power of God Almighty. The Garabandal events and messages are nothing if not immersed in the rustic, rural, beautiful natural environment of the area itself. In fact, the most sacred, unique place in this whole scenario is a place named “The Pines” where God will leave His most impressive and indelible mark in the future. Garabandal does not ignore nature, it embraces it in its proper perspective as the masterpiece of a Divine and Loving Master and gift to all of us by which we are bound to care for it.

3. Man is himself God and needs only to awaken to that fact.

The view that “I am God” has been appealing since time began, and is alive and well today in our media, society, and political arenas.

Every “ism” we know is based on this false and destructive notion, and abortion fits nicely within its value system. If I am God, I can define and rename everything I want to, and I can determine morality, value, and life itself. The Bible, of course, is loaded with counterpoints to this absurd, egoma-niacal, notion, and the events and messages of Garabandal are steeped in notions of God’s omnipotence, Christ’s authority, the divine nature of the Trinity, and the special place we should hold for our Blessed Mother. It can be said that all sin is a claim that we are god and need answer to nobody else. The extreme focus on self and ego in our arrogant world which now turns its back on its Creator is nothing short of the second half of the rebellion against heaven by the forces of Satan.

PHOTO (Right): The typical New Ager believes in a “Christ spirit”, but the Garabandal events and messages are full of references to the uniqueness and omnipotence of Jesus, the only Christ.

4. Man should seek and accept spiritual instruction and direction directly from the spirit world.

How many times have we asked “What is your sign?” or read some astrology book? How many celebrities have “psychic friends”? How many people go to psychics, channelers, palm readers, card readers, Ouija boards, astrology, magic charming, or seek to speak to the spirits of the dead?

All of this plays to our inner desire to acquire special, paranormal, spiritual, supernatural, powers or knowledge. The occult is the apple that Satan uses to lure us into ignoring God and seeking a second opinion. How many ways are our youth being lured into fascination with magic, sorcery, and witchcraft by even such seemingly innocuous things as Harry Potter and the like?

Both the Bible and Garabamtt warn us against these dangers. Not only does Garabandal point out the existence of hell,purgatory and heaven, but it also stresses our need to obey and follow the kind of life which God wants us to lead. The Garabandal Message is not one of potions, spells, and hocus pocus; it is not a map to a shortcut to supernatural powers. The supernatural manifestations were not given to entice people to seek these powers but, as in Fatima, to demonstrate the power and majesty of God almighty, not us almighty!

5. All religions and religious teachings lead to the same goal and therefore are all of equal merit.

New Age beliefs create a confused mix of ideas and beliefs that result in a cloudy pan-religion. The idea is not to oppose God by fostering atheism or some other extreme spiritual frontal attack, but to “cloud the soup” to the point where the “narrow door” that Jesus spoke of becomes a huge gate where everything goes. Satan is not foolish enough to attack God in a direct manner; instead, he seeks to “drown” God in a sea of gods where he can ultimately emerge victorious. While it is good to respect other views and beliefs, ecumenism becomes dangerous when it seeks to create such “unity” that we lose our inherent Catholic beliefs because we do not want to play ball with everybody else. Pope John Paul II has warned of this in numerous instances. We see this desire to not offend anyone or avoid extremism or have diversity everywhere in our society. In our desire to find common ground, we may lose the ground we stand on.

Garabandal does not aim to confuse, cloud, or include, all beliefs. Its message stresses the need to focus and hold firm to our beliefs and values.

How many ways are our youth being lured into fascination with magic, sorcery, and witchcraft by even such seemingly innocuous things as Harry Potter and the like?”

The Message of Garabandal is that all we need to do is keep our eyes on the prize, help others to do so, and help each other along the way, and the rest will take care of itself. Political correctness, diversity, and other catch phrases have no place in Garabandal.

6. The “ancient wisdom” of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece and not the Bible is the basis of all truth.

It is obvious from what has been said so far that the Bible and New Age “religion” do not mix, so New Agers focus on ancient beliefs and philosophies to support their views. Yet the Garabandal events and Message support and respect the Bible as the word of God. Any belief system which ignores the Bible or belittles it must be at least suspect in the eyes of the faithful.

7. Sin and evil do not exist. Peace and love are the ultimate realities.

New Age views paint a rosy picture wherein anything that creates stress, conflict, or disorder and separation is wrong. According to this view, right and wrong is all relative to the individual. It is divisive to try to impose on others what is right or wrong for them because in doing so one is implying that one’s own views are superior to theirs. We must fight for an inclusive society where there is diversity and diverse views on morality and values are respected and even honored. When the prime minister of Canada, who claims to be a Catholic, boasts that he is in favor of abortion, or other politicians claim to be Catholic yet support pro-choice views, they are doing their best to avoid conflict, push peace and love, and ignore sin and evil. Again, by clouding right and wrong, Satan seeks to create the kind of moral astigmatism where he can do his work more effectively.

The Corpus Christi visions and other Garabandal events and messages are enough to refute any notion that Garabandal simply paints a rosy picture or ignores that sin and evil exist and that hell is very real.

The Dangerous Infiltration of New Age Views Into Our Faith

Whether we accept it or not, New Age is infiltrating into our faith and seeks to destroy it from within. When people deny the Real Presence or lose respect for Mass or the Church’s teachings, they are downplaying or ignoring the proper place of Our Lord. When they push the idea that God is inside us or that we have divine powers, they are pushing the “I am God” button. When religious leaders ignore or passively accept the occult or eliminate exorcisms as part of their work, they are bowing to the supernatural or at least allowing it to fester in their midst. When we as Catholics play with the occult as if it were some harmless game, we are playing with New Age instruments. When people push for ecumenism to the point of blurring what makes us Catholic, they are pushing the “one religion” button that will ultimately make our Catholic faith a shadow of its true self unless we stand firm. When we allow people to focus over much or value ancient views above the Bible, when we belittle the Bible as “not really true” or just “symbolic”, we are playing the New Age game.

Lastly, and perhaps, most harmfully, when we blur what is sin and evil and right and wrong, or make morality relative or individual or subjective, we are imposters of our faith who claim one thing while doing something else, hiding when we should stand for what is right and true in a world where evil is gaining ground everyday. We must not let those who claim to be Catholics but are not get away with distorting what being a true Catholic is all about. If we do, then the New Age “religion” will have won.

Garabandal’s Answer To New Ageism

Garabandal’s answer to New Ageism is very real and very clear. The Garabandal Message leaves no doubt that God is the almighty Creator of heaven and earth, that Jesus is His only Son and our Saviour and Lord, that our Blessed Mother is there to help us find salvation, and that all of creation is a testament to God’s power and majesty. Garabandal is not wishy-washy on morality, faith, and morals, and it reminds us that sin and evil do exist and that hell is real. In the end, Garabandal is everything that New Age is not. One cannot believe in Garabandal and New Age at the same time.

Copyright 2011 Gabriel Garnica


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