Five Wounds We Face


One of the most beautiful and powerful devotions of our faith is that of The Five Sacred Wounds of Our Lord suffered during His Passion. To recall His crown of thorns, His two pierced Hands, His pierced feet, and His pierced side is to fully embrace the magnitude and depth of His Sacred Sacrifice for our sins and the redemption won by this profound gesture of love. St. Bernard, St Clare of Assisi, St. Mechtilde, and St. Gertrude were famed devotees of Our Lord’s Five Sacred Wounds. The “Golden Mass” in honor of these Wounds composed by St. John the Evangelist and revealed to Pope Boniface II in 532 was indulgenced by Pope Innocent VI in 1362. Finally, the Dominican Rosary honors these Five Wounds on its large beads. While much has been written and said on the meaning and power of these Wounds, we cannot truly follow Our Lord unless we face our own five wounds in His service.

Our Crown of Thorns

This society fervently seeks to punish those who even think of God or wish to include Him in the thoughts of His creatures. One need only look at the determined, demonic effort to eradicate God’s Holy Name and Word from all public arenas. His Sacred Word as revealed in The Holy Bible is now either hate speech, ancient gibberish, biased prejudice, fanciful superstition, or mindless dribble in popular circles. Any attempt to instill the seed or recharge the thought of The Creator is painted as hypnotic brainwashing or divisive inculcation by those who practice such indoctrination for evil. The forces of evil seek to remove God and Christ from the minds of children and replace Them with the occult, mindless superficiality, violence and lust. Thus it is obvious that anyone who seeks to follow Christ must face attacks upon his or her thinking, attitude, and beliefs. Only when our mind is fixated upon Christ will we realize the pain inflicted upon that mind by those seeking to remove Him from our thoughts.

Our Left Hand

Despite recent variations in knowledge about the function of each side of our brain, the research still generally finds that our left hand is controlled by the right side of our brain, which controls visual and motor skills. Thus we can say that the left hand is related to what is seen and how we react to what is seen. There is no doubt that anyone who seeks to follow Christ will face many disturbing images that will evoke varied reactions. An example of such images is the sacrilegious trash that passes for art in this society. Certainly any true follower of Christ must cringe in pain upon seeing blasphemous images involving God, Christ, The Blessed Sacrament, Our Heavenly Mother, and various sacred images. Movies, paintings, and photos that attack what we hold sacred and holy should be like nails driven through our left hand. It should be impossible to face such horrors without bleeding inside and feeling excruciating pain!  This society cringes at the violence of The Passion despite the fact that this movie shows Christ’s great love yet it applauds  despicable trash like The Last Temptation of Christ which must be far more excruciating to a true follower of Christ than any scene conjured up by Mel Gibson.

Conversely, the true loyalty to God and Christ of anyone unaffected by such trash must be questioned. Any true follower of Christ must strive to seek, promote, and defend positive, constructive, and loving images of all we hold dear. Only the eyes that are fixated upon Christ will see and feel the pain of seeing Him once again brutalized by our sins. Only those eyes in agony will act upon that agony to follow and serve The Lord. Many saw Our Lord in pain, but only Veronica felt that pain enough to wipe His Holy Face!

Our Right Hand

The same research described above has found that our right hand is controlled by the left side of our brain which controls speech, language, and words. We can therefore say that our right hand is related to the use and perception of language. Anyone who seeks to follow Christ in this society will certainly feel nails driven into their right hand whenever he or she reads the blasphemy and despicable writings of trash like The DaVinci Code and other such rubbish. Likewise, one cannot be unaffected by written attacks by mindless imbeciles upon The Passion. It is an offense to God that arrogant ghouls use language to insult, isolate, remove, disrespect, or mock His Most Sacred Name, Will, and Word! Each foul word, sentence, paragraph, and book should pierce our right hand for they are inflicted upon our Christ. Conversely, the true follower will seek, embrace, create, promote, and defend what is written to adore, honor, respect, thank, and praise Our God and all that is holy. Only in those words that serve Christ will we find the path to salvation for ourselves and others.

Our Side

Any true follower of Christ must have Christ within the heart, beating with every pulse that runs through the body. Just as the heart propels the blood feeding the body and mind, so too the heart filled with Christ will propel His Sacred Blood feeding our bodies and minds with His Saving Grace. When facing the world, we must act as if Christ was standing next to us, at our side. Any true follower will certainly feel that side pierced by the evil of this world that tries to make a god of man and a mere man of God. Only those who feel Christ at their side will be able to face what this world and society are all too ready to throw at them.

Our Feet

The true follower of Christ must be ready to stand up for what is right and for truth as Christ did. Just as Our Lord’s Divine Feet were placed together and pierced, so too both our feet must be together in one purpose which is to stand up in defense and service to God. We must be ready to be attacked and mocked for taking such stands, but we must also realize that only those feet that stand for Christ can walk with Him toward eternal salvation.


The Devotion of The Five Sacred Wounds is a powerful and beautiful aspect of Our Lord’s Passion and the ultimate sacrifice it represents. As true followers of Christ, we too are called to suffer five wounds for Him. Our mind will surely be pierced by a crown of thorns by a society eager to remove Him from our thoughts. Our left hand will surely be pierced by the nails of a society eager to remove His image from our eyes. Our right hand will surely be pierced by the nails of a society eager to remove His Words from our pages and lips. Our side will surely be pierced by a society eager to remove Him from our side. Lastly, our feet will surely be pierced by a society eager to attack those who stand up for their Lord. Regardless of which of these five wounds the true follower of Christ must be ready to face, seeing God Alone as the purpose and reason of all we do will guide us beyond any suffering associated with defending Our Lord.

Copyright 2011  Gabriel Garnica


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