Abortion: Affirmative Action vs Women


We have all seen how various movements attempt to tie their causes to past social struggles in an attempt to win favor and sympathy. Immigration and sodomite advocates have often compared their struggles to the civil rights movement. Likewise, proponents of women’s rights like to compare their cause to causes against racial discrimination. While these comparisons can have some merit, as in the case of women’s rights and civil rights, they can also be distorted and deceptive, as in the case of homosexual rights and the rights of illegal immigrants. While all of these causes necessarily evolve from social to political movements, this movement often carries with it distorted and misused concepts which only serve to create greater confusion, injustice, and deception. One of the most popular and potentially harmful examples of this distortion is the notion of Affirmative Action. While the original ideal behind Affirmative Action was noble, it has been distorted and disfigured into something which is anything but. Likewise, abortion has become a popular mantra among radical feminists. While the original ideal behind women’s rights was a noble one, through abortion this ideal has been distorted and degraded into something which is anything but noble. In fact, abortion can be seen as the application of Affirmative Action distortions to the cause of women’s rights.

Affirmative Action: Ideal versus Distortion

Affirmative action was supposed to be about promoting and encouraging underrepresented groups in all areas to become involved in various careers, arenas, and facets of social, economic, and political life. Convincing male teens to consider a career as a male nurse, African-American college graduates to consider careers in medicine or law, and females to enter scientific fields are all noble and legitimate examples of Affirmative Action. In its most ideal, moral, and noble sense, Affirmative Action is about constructing bridges, creating ties, building participation, and enhancing bonds between people traditionally marginalized or isolated from society or certain areas of life and precisely those arenas from which they have been blocked. It is about spreading justice and demonstrating that fairness and equality can work to make society more consistent with the kind of social order which God Almighty calls us to create.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous and greedy social and political players have turned Affirmative Action from this ideal to a destructive, isolating, aggressive, unjust form of institutionalized revenge. This reverse discrimination has nothing to do with the original aims and purpose of Affirmative Action. In fact, it probably does more to harm those original ideals than anything else by creating resentment, injustice, and confusion.

By promoting the notion that quotas and percentage requirements can artificially impose justice and fairness where it has not been fostered and developed properly, reverse discrimination actually makes conditions worse by pretending to solve the illness instead of actually treating its causes. The fact is that it is always hard work to solve problems the right way, from their cause and roots. Efforts to change the system are risky, expensive, sometimes unpopular, often not politically advantageous, and certainly do not create the kind of quick-fix, sensationalistic publicity which is so popular today. Politicians who wax poetic about past injustice and present quick-fix solutions are merely lying to induce voters instead of sincerely trying to solve problems. In the long run, such superficial methods make things worse because they do not address the root causes of the problem nor aim to correct what is wrong with the system. As one quality control expert observed, you do not solve a faulty toaster by fixing the burnt toasts it makes!

Abortion: Another Deadly Quick-Fix

Just as Affirmative Action has degraded from noble roots to ignoble distortions as a result of social and political agendas, so too the cause of women’s rights has likewise degraded from noble roots to ignoble distortions through the despicable crime of abortion due to social and political agendas. Just as reverse discrimination, the distorted form of Affirmative Action, pretends to solve a problem but actually conceals the root causes and actually makes the problem worse, so too abortion, the distorted form of women’s rights, pretends to solve women’s problems of justice and fairness but actually conceals the root causes of that situation and actually makes injustice to women worse.

Reverse Discrimination and Abortion as Patronizing Evil

The core evil of reverse discrimination and abortion is that they both devalue humanity and life into some mathematical, social formula or prescription for participation in the social order. They pretend that seeing and dealing with human beings as mere quotas, numbers, percentages, and statistics will ever lead to ultimate fairness and justice. They both pretend to enhance justice and humanity while actually ignoring the innocent, patronizing those they pretend to protect, and caving in socially, morally, economically, and politically to evil forces in society.

When I tell you that I will twist the system to allow you into school because you are of a given race, age, culture, or background, I am implying that I can never help you to get into that school unless I change the system to allow you in. I am tapping you on the head and patting you in the back and saying, “do not worry, little minority or underrepresented one, I will make them let you in.” While we must stamp out injustice, racism, and prejudice in society, we cannot hope to do so by using another form of injustice, prejudice, or random force to do so. Keeping out qualified people because they happen to be of a certain group is wrong whether I do so to keep them out or to allow another group in. Reverse discrimination tells us that it is ok to hurt innocent people of a given group to favor innocent people of a harmed group. Abortion likewise tells us that it is ok to kill innocent babies to “favor” women who want to avoid motherhood. Both evils would permit evil to promote supposed justice, which is clearly immoral and counterproductive!

Reverse discrimination tells minorities that they cannot compete in society unless we sneak them into schools, groups, and clubs. Instead of pushing us to correct the root causes of such injustice, reverse discrimination merely promotes and facilitates such evils to continue while we fix the burnt toast such defective systems churn out.

True Affirmative Action calls for us to work to make minorities more qualified and better prepared to compete in society. It is a difficult, expensive, and slow process, but it is the right process instead of the false, deceptive, quick-fix, unjust façade of reverse discrimination. Likewise, abortion tells women that they cannot compete in society unless they surrender their motherhood. Instead of pushing society to figure out ways to allow women to be mothers and compete in society, abortion tells them that they have to knuckle under to society’s intolerance or ignorance regarding motherhood and family. True female advocacy calls for us to create a society which respects, honors, and promotes motherhood, family, and the unique treasures and contributions of womanhood. Both Affirmative Action and abortion are compromises by which minorities and women are patronized into submission to political and social quick-fix fraud.


“If you cannot beat them, join them” is a popular phrase often heard in our society. While compromise and cooperation are ideal and viable virtues, they lose their moral appeal if they are spurred by patronization and capitulation. Political and social forces have debased Affirmative Action from its original ideal of promoting justice and fairness into institutionalized revenge and victimization. Those same forces have debased the struggle for women’s rights from its original ideal of promoting respect and recognition of women into institutionalized hatred and distaste for family, motherhood, children, and marriage. Both reverse discrimination and abortion patronize those they pretend to protect from different directions. While reverse discrimination tells minorities that they cannot compete on their own merits and does not trust them to develop into their success, abortion tells women that they cannot compete as mothers and does not trust them to succeed with children. Reverse discrimination pretends that people need special treatment and prevents society from helping them develop. Abortion pretends that women cannot compete with men as mothers and prevents society from helping them do so. In the end, both reverse discrimination and abortion are despicable quick-fix prescriptions which only spread society’s moral disease instead of curing it!

Copyright 2011  Gabriel Garnica


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