It All Begins With God

Many speak of  love, service, joy, humility, and many other beautiful concepts which will help us fulfill our eternal destiny of salvation. However, one cannot focus on the derivative to the neglect, initially, of the initiative which, in this case, is and will always be God Almighty. This can be proven on a number of levels. One may see love as either an objective or a tool toward some other objective.  To the extent that true love cannot be a goal unto itself but must be directed toward another, it cannot be its own objective and thus any love which is an objective unto itself cannot be true love. Since God is true, pure love, then it stands to reason that such love can never be the objective in any path toward salvation. If true and pure love can only exist when applied toward another, then pure and true love must be a tool toward some other, greater objective.  I say “greater” because any love applied as a tool toward some objective lower than itself would, by definition, be debasing itself and hence could not be true and pure love.  Since God is true and pure love then, it stands to reason, that any love which is debased by being applied toward a lower objective cannot be true and pure love.  Love of money, for example, cannot be a true and pure love since money is a lower objective than love itself and, in fact, is most often grounded in temporal, superficial and potentially sinful things. It is interesting to note that money’s best use is often described as when it is used for a higher good, such as charity etc.

Likewise, one may speak of service as the rightful focus but, once again, such service has its highest form which it is applied as a tool toward a higher good and not as either an objective unto itself or a tool toward a lower objective.  One cannot speak of having the goal of simply serving, for example, without being rightly asked “serving what?” since all accept that the value of service only lies in serving a greater good.  Likewise, one cannot find salvation by serving evil. Hence, the value and role of service, like love, is best seen as a tool toward a greater good. Similarly, many speak of joy as being the initiative rather than the derivative. However, once again,  one can say that one’s ultimate goal is to be happy but, as life teaches us, what brings joy and happiness is not always what is right.  Some may find joy in torturing others. Such people may say that joy is their goal and surely that may be the case. However, since that joy is actually realized and actualized through evil, such joy shall surely never be the path toward salvation. Again, the true and highest value of joy lies in finding happiness in a greater good. Finally, humility is seen by many as some magical trait unlocking salvation. However, while righteous humility directed at a greater good is holy humility, weak or cowardly humility is never a path toward salvation since the true follower of Christ will often have to be anything but weak and cowardly.   No, while all of these ideas and many others like them can certainly be beautiful pearls along the way toward a greater good, there must be something much greater than these which must be the derivative from which all of their positive and saving graces flow. That greater Good, of course, must necessarily be God and therefore God should be the reason and purpose for all we think, feel, believe, say, and do if we are to find salvation.  The soul that is fixated on God well be less likely to sin. The soul whose main purpose and reason for existence is God will be less likely to falter. The soul whose ultimate goal and meaning is God will be less likely to be lost.

Copyright 2011  Gabriel Garnica


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